Benzylium Chloride Base Disinfectant

Illustration of Benzylium Chloride Base Disinfectant
Illustration: Benzylium Chloride Base Disinfectant

Do you want to ask the rampant disinfectant chamber at the moment, is the use of benzakonium chloride safe as a disinfectant in the chamber? And what is the dosage for use? Because what I read is benzakonium chloride can be used for eye disinfectants

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Benzalkonium chloride is an ammonium substance which is an antiseptic and disinfectant. Can be found in shampoo, soap, mouthwash and eye drops. This drug works by stopping the growth of microorganisms or germs, such as viruses, bacteria or fungi.
Unlike alcohol, chlorine and H2O2 which are often used as disinfectants, benzalkonium chloride is indeed safer for the human body (although there are still possible side effects that can occur). However, until now there has not been any type of fluid recommended by WHO for use in disinfecting booths As an effort to prevent and control the spread of a new type of Corona virus that causes COVID-19 infection. Until now, WHO has only recommended the following:
1. Avoid physical contact
2. Washing hands with soap and running water for 20 seconds or using alcohol-based hand sanitizers of at least 60%, especially before handling the face area, after physical contact with others (such as shaking hands), before and after eating, before processing food and after bathroom.
3. Leave the house if you only really need it
4. Every time from outside the house, always take a shower and change clothes
5. If you have a high fever or airway disorders, then use a mask, do the ethics of coughing and sneezing, use eating utensils and bathing yourself, clean the surface of objects that are often touched using disinfectant liquid and self-isolation in their own special space, if possible in a room with adequate lighting and air ventilation
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