Better Baby Pacifiers Or Baby Spoons?

Illustration of Better Baby Pacifiers Or Baby Spoons?
Illustration: Better Baby Pacifiers Or Baby Spoons?

Hello, I have a full 3-month-old baby from birth and have never used a pacifier (direct breastfeeding). When I store breast milk and want to give it, especially if I travel, should it be given with a baby pacifier or using a baby spoon? Thanks.

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Breastfeeding should indeed not necessarily be a barrier for mothers to be able to remain productive activities. With good self-actualization and a lot of socializing with the environment, mothers can feel happier. This can indirectly increase the production of hormones that play a role in the production and ejection of breast milk.

To get around this, you can express your milk. After milking, make sure you store the breast milk (ASIP) in the right storage media by also taking into account the holding time of the breast milk so that the nutrients do not decrease dramatically so that it also affects the nutritional intake that your baby is getting.

Not only how to save it, you also need to be more observant about how to give the ASIP. Because, not infrequently, giving ASIP with inappropriate media can cause the baby to experience nipple confusion. Impact, the baby will be lazy to suckle directly. Furthermore, the reduced frequency of breastfeeding can further reduce your milk production.

It's best to avoid using a pacifier to prevent this nipple confusion. You can use other alternative ASIP-giving media, for example spoons, cup feeders, pipettes, cups, or syringes that have been removed. It was difficult at first. However, with patience, babies can generally become more proficient so that the process of breastfeeding with alternative media is no longer an obstacle. Even if you want to breastfeed your baby using a pacifier, then choose the right pacifier, i.e. it doesn't flow in the direction of gravity, but instead requires the baby to suck it first.

That's all our explanation. For more details, please consult with your doctor, lactation counselor, or the nearest pediatrician.

I hope this helps.

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