Between X And Y

Illustration of Between X And Y
Illustration: Between X And Y

Doc, I want it … I got in touch with 2 men. March 5, I got in touch with a man X, then on March 7 I got my period. After that I got in touch with Y men. The next month I didn’t menstruate and I tested the results (+). Guess it’s the result of fertilization from a man X or Y doc? Thanks before

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Hello Goddess,

Thank you for the question.

Regarding your question, it is important to clarify the following:

First; Positive testpack results in women who are late for menstruation cannot always be caused by pregnancy. It could be that your testpack results are positive because of an incorrect inspection. Any late menstruation, apart from being pregnant can be caused by wine pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, fatigue, stress, side effects of drugs and birth control, obesity, extreme diets, ovarian cysts, and many other medical conditions.

Second; If it is true that you experienced before menstruation, then even if you are currently pregnant, it means that impregnating you is a male Y. However, it is not uncommon for women who are already pregnant to experience bleeding like menstruation, which is due to implantation spots. Therefore, it is also possible for you to be impregnated by man X.

Third; Having sex with multiple partners, aside from confusing biological fathers when pregnancy occurs, can also increase your risk of contracting the infection.

To determine whether you really are pregnant or not, ideally you need to see yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician. If it is true that you are pregnant, then to be sure who is the biological father of the fetus in your womb, it is necessary to do a DNA test.

Hope this helps ...

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