Bilateral Mammogram (BREAST)?

Breast composition: dominant fibro glandular tissue nMass: not found n Calcification: no visible microcalcification n Architectural distortion: none nOther findings: multiple lymph nodes in bilateral axilla n n Impression: mammary fibroglandular structure is still solid, this can affect sensitivity mammography. No specific microcalcifications were seen. Multiple axilla lymph nodes bilateral nWhat does that mean, please, thank you very much, doctor

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Mammography is an imaging tool that uses a low-dose X-ray machine to examine the breast, showing the tissue, glands, fat and blood vessels under the skin of the breast. This examination is done if you notice any changes in the breasts or if you are 40 years of age and over. The sensitivity of mammography will be reduced in women with dense breasts. Breast tissue consists of fat and glandular tissue.

On the results of your examination, it is said that the structure of the fibroglandular tissue in the breast is still dense, there is no visible tumor or lump in the breast, there is no visible microcalcification (a sign of cancer), and there are no changes in the shape and structure of the breast. There are multiple lymph nodes in both armpits and the size is not specified. However, because your breasts are still dense, it can reduce the accuracy of the mammography results, the thickness and density of the breasts can mask the presence of tumors and signs of cancer.

Because mammography has limitations in women who have dense breast tissue, you can do a breast ultrasound to be sure.

To establish a diagnosis, the doctor will carry out a complete examination starting from an interview about the patient's symptoms, physical examination and supporting examinations such as mammography. For this reason, consult the results of this supporting examination again with the doctor who examined you so that the diagnosis can be established and provide further treatment plans.

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