Biopsy Side Effects In Patients With Lung Disease?

Illustration of Biopsy Side Effects In Patients With Lung Disease?
Illustration: Biopsy Side Effects In Patients With Lung Disease?

Hello doctor, my mother is 59 years old, detected a lump in the left lung, the doctor’s advice to do a biopsy but some people say that the biopsy can make the cancer spread and is dangerous, what are the side effects of biopsy and are there other methods of treatment without biopsy first first? Thank you

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Hello Nina, thank you for asking.

Biopsy is a diagnostic procedure for a tumor. The doctor needs to take this action to determine whether a tumor is benign or malignant. This is necessary because often the symptoms and physical signs alone are not enough to determine the type of tumor. The gold standard for diagnosis of benign or malignant tumors is through examination of tumor cell types under a microscope, histopathologically. To be able to examine tumor cells by histopathology, doctors need to take tumor samples by biopsy.

Biopsy itself is divided into several types. Exisional biopsy is a biopsy in which the tumor is removed entirely from the body, then a small sample of tumor tissue is sent to the laboratory. Incisional biopsy is a biopsy in which a sample of tumor tissue is taken in part, but the tumor is still in the body, not removed. Fine needle aspiration biopsy is the safest, easiest and fastest biopsy technique. Performed using a fine needle inserted into the tumor. Tumor cells in the needle are then sent to the laboratory. The type of biopsy depends on the location of the tumor and the patient's condition. Side effects are generally minimal, in the form of skin bleeding or pain at the biopsy site.

The risk of spread of tumor cells due to biopsy is indeed possible, but the incidence is very rare. You can read this scientific journal to add a little insight. The study also stated that the possibility of spreading tumor cells generally occurs locally in the biopsy area, is rare, does not always cause the spread of tumors to distant locations, and is dependent on the type of tumor. Generally breast tumors and liver tumors are more likely to experience spread through biopsy. These risks can be minimized by using directed biopsy (assisted by imaging), the use of fine needles in certain types of tumors, procedures according to procedure, and stabbing once (not repeated).

Logically it can be seen that, with or without biopsy, if a tumor is a malignant tumor, then the possibility of spread (metastasis) will still be present. That is, if a malignant tumor is not biopsied, the doctor will not start therapy because the exact diagnosis is not found, a malignant tumor that is not treated, will most likely occur metastasis. Thus, the decision rests with the patient, family, and the treating doctor. Talk about this between the family and the treating doctor. Treatment will not be started without certainty regarding the type of tumor.

Thus the information from me, hopefully can help you. Regards.

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