Biotin Effects For Body Health?

Illustration of Biotin Effects For Body Health?
Illustration: Biotin Effects For Body Health?

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Biotin (vitamin B7) is one of the types of vitamins needed by the body to support metabolic processes in the body.

Biotin is indeed quite well known by the public as one of the vitamin supplements that can help improve the structure of keratin in the body (including the skin, hair and nails), but until now there has been no clear evidence and research on this matter. Hair loss can indeed be a symptom of a body deficient in biotin, but whether its supplementation to the body's condition is not deficient in biotin can stimulate hair growth even more, this is still unclear.

Regarding hair on the body itself, it is true that hairs on the body have the same structure as those on the head, but naturally these hairs have functions and also 'triggers' other growth that is different from hair on the head. Hair growth in the body is more influenced by the levels of certain hormones in the body so that growth generally does not affect the supplementation of biotin, but for the structure of keratin in the hair can be increased with the consumption of biotin.

For the biotin interaction itself, so far no specific interactions have been found with other vitamins, but if indeed you are going to take these supplements it is still advisable to consult with your doctor whether you really need them or not and what drugs you are taking routinely.

Also talking about the intake of biotin, this vitamin can be obtained from other foods that can be found everyday apart from supplements that are already quite widely circulating, such as in egg yolks, wheat, mushrooms, spinach, cheese, milk, beef, chicken daing, apples carrots, tomatoes and lettuce. Make sure your needs for biotin and other vitamins for your body are met through your daily food intakes so that you don't need additional supplements.

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