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Morning doctor, I want to often and ask, I am a person who suffers from bipolar disorder, every time I work in any place I never last long. because of my ups and downs. How can I anticipate that, yes.. considering there is a financial need that must be met.. and what kind of job is suitable for Aya’s illness?

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Bipolar disorder generally has symptoms of extreme changes in mood and behavior, namely excessive pleasure alternating with excessive sadness. When you are excessively happy or called mania, you can have the following symptoms:

more active than usual, feel like superpowers, get angry easily, feel no need to sleep, make careless decisions without thinking, start all activities without being able to finish them

When you are experiencing symptoms of excessive sadness, the symptoms of major depression appear as follows:

sad throughout the day loss of interest or pleasure in activities that were previously enjoyed significant weight gain or loss difficulty falling asleep or oversleeping agitated or moving a lot and can't stay still, or slowing down of movement and speech a sense of loss of energy and ease Tired of always being overwhelmed with feelings of worthlessness or guilt, impaired concentration and difficulty making decisions, recurring thoughts about death and suicide

If your doctor has diagnosed you with bipolar disorder, then it's a good idea to undergo therapy for your disorder. Treatment for bipolar disorder is psychotherapy and the administration of mood stabilizers (mood stabilizers). By doing these two therapies regularly, your symptoms of mania and depression will improve and your work performance will improve. With your bipolar symptoms gone, you will still be able to work as usual. Make sure you do therapy and take medication regularly as recommended by your psychiatrist. Do not stop self-medication because it can cause bipolar symptoms to return.

That's all the information from me, I hope it's enough to answer

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