Bipolar Symptoms?

Illustration of Bipolar Symptoms?
Illustration: Bipolar Symptoms?

Good afternoon tomorrow, I am asking my friend who has bipolar symptoms, now my friend is having a chronic illness, sometimes he is furious, please enlighten me what is the medicine to win my friend who has bipolar disorder. N nThank you

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Bipolar is a long-term psychiatric disorder that causes a person to experience mood changes in the form of a depressive phase and a manic phase. Patients with bipolar disorder must take medication to control the mood swings they experience. About 2 in 100 people have bipolar disorder. Bipolar often occurs at the age of 17-29 years.

Patients can throw tantrums when symptoms of bipolar disorder are present and are acute. Patients should be immediately taken to the nearest hospital emergency room or to a mental health specialist (psychiatrist). The doctor will give injection drugs for patients who are angry or restless. With these drugs, patients can be calmer, so they are ready for the next therapy.

Make sure the patient always takes the medication according to the instructions of the psychiatrist and the control according to the schedule promised. Do not stop medication without doctor's orders. If the symptoms can be controlled, the doctor will adjust the dose of the drug and lower it slowly. Suddenly stopping the drug can cause bipolar symptoms to recur.

Stressful circumstances can trigger a recurrence of bipolar disorder, both depression and mania. Try to keep the patient safe from stress. Doing relaxing activities can help the patient. The patient can also create a diary to help him control the emotions and feelings he experiences. Avoid patients from alcohol and drugs without consulting a doctor because they can trigger relapses. Closeness with family and friends can help patients to better control the disorder they experience.

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