Birth Control Pills Run Out But Never Menstruate?

Illustration of Birth Control Pills Run Out But Never Menstruate?
Illustration: Birth Control Pills Run Out But Never Menstruate?

Hello, good morning, I want to ask, I never forget to take my pill, until I finish it I never forget, but after my usual habia menstruation, but this is not what I want to ask; 1 what often happens like this /, 2 if there is a possibility I am pregnant

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Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, what type of birth control pill do you take? Before taking it, have you seen a doctor? Is the method of taking your birth control pills according to the doctor's recommendations?

If used correctly, birth control pills should be very effective in preventing pregnancy, even up to 99%. However, it is not uncommon, people taking birth control pills without checking themselves first to the doctor, so that unconsciously, he did not know the proper way of consumption. This clearly can cause the effectiveness of birth control pills to decrease thereby increasing the chances of pregnancy. If you have not taken the right pill for birth control, it is possible that your period is not due to pregnancy.

There are several types of birth control pills that only contain the synthetic progesterone hormone in them. The content of this hormone, in some sensitive people can also cause menstruation late. Not only that, the absence of menstruation that you experience can also occur due to hormonal balance disorders due to other factors (for example sudden changes in body weight, stress, fatigue, thyroid gland abnormalities or pituitary), to due to certain diseases (for example ovarian cysts).

Our advice, you first check yourself to the doctor, while carrying birth control pills that you have been taking. Often, the doctor will dig up information related to your medical history in more depth, including how to take your birth control pill so far, whether it is correct, or not. Furthermore, the doctor may not provide special treatment, can give you several types of drugs, or can also refer you to an obstetrician for further treatment.

At this time, you first improve your lifestyle so that it is healthier, so that hormonal balance is more awake, and menstruation is more regular. The method is to always sleep and wake up regularly every day, exercise more, don't stress or overexertion, and eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that are rich in antioxidants. Avoid taking any medication, including menstrual smoothing drugs, if not prescribed directly by a doctor.

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