Illustration of Birthmark
Illustration: Birthmark

Night doc, can the baby’s birthmark be lifted?

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A birthmark on a baby is a colored mark on the skin or under the skin that appears at birth or some time after birth. Some birthmarks fade over time, but some are increasingly apparent. The appearance of birthmarks is generally caused by extra pigment-producing cells in the skin, or it could be due to blood vessels that do not grow normally. However, don't worry because most birthmarks are painless and harmless.

Most birthmarks are harmless and can disappear on their own as you age. However, if deemed disturbing, birthmarks can be removed by doctors by several methods. How to remove birthmarks by doctors is not always the same for each patient. This needs to be adjusted to the type of birthmark the patient has, medical history, and the overall condition of the patient. there are several ways that doctors do to get rid of moles including: surgery, the use of corticosteroids, propranolol.

do not try to solve it yourself to get rid of moles without doctor's advice because they can cause side effects or severity. Most birthmarks are not serious health problems. However, beware if birthmarks appear along with other symptoms, such as pain, numbness, suppuration or injury, and their size quickly expands or enlarges. If you have birthmarks with these characteristics, you should immediately see a doctor.

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