Bitten By An Insect

Illustration of Bitten By An Insect
Illustration: Bitten By An Insect

night doc, I want to ask, early February around the 6-8 stairs I was there. in the insect bite on the eyelid. Initially I thought it was only bitten by mosquitoes, but gradually enlarged like a rash, dry n peeling skin, itching. I have already visited 2 doctors (general practitioners), at the beginning I felt healed, weeks later it started to itch again, and I was drinking the remaining medicine given by the doctor and ointment. today I just realized that the rash had reached my eyebrows. what should I do doc?

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Hello Erlin, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer the questions that you give.

Responding to the story you are telling, about the insect bite you are telling you must be very sure that it is an insect bite. Rashes / inflammation of the skin is called dermatitis venenata, usually a complaint that will arise depending on the biting insect. But usually complaints will not last as long as you feel. I don't think what happened to you is an insect bite, or maybe it was originally bitten by an insect and is now another disease.

Eye complaints in the form of a rash on your eyelids, can be:


Some of the complaints above can be distinguished by doing a direct re-examination to the doctor. Your doctor can focus on your complaints in the form of being bitten by an insect, so you don't think of other possibilities. Or the possibility of insect bites cause a bacterial infection, viruses, etc. because the skin layer is damaged so that germs easily enter. If your complaint cannot be treated at a general practitioner, the doctor will definitely refer you to an ophthalmologist.

At this time what you can do include:

Keep your eyelids clean by washing with warm water.
Avoid rubbing the eyes because there is a possibility that the disease can spread to the eye next to it.
Avoid dust when leaving the house by using glasses.
Get enough rest.

That's all the answers I can say, thank you very much :)

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