Black And White Spots Flying Around The Eyes.?

, I’m minus 1/5. Although wearing glasses, black spots and white spots are still visible when looking at the sky or white walls and the view is somewhat blurry. Is it reasonable?

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Hello Jaidin, thank you for asking with

Some possible causes of your complaint include:

Floaters Inflammation in the black part of the eye (uveitis) Bleeding in the eye Apart from the retinal layer of the eye Black and white spots that fly in the eye may be floaters. Its size does vary from small black spots, long rope shapes, spider webs or other shapes. These floaters usually appear age-related because substances or fluids in the eyes become more fluid. The remnants of particles or substances in the liquid become shadows that we can see in our eyes, especially when seeing bright light such as seeing a clear sky or when looking at a white wall or paper for too long.

To find out the cause of your problem, some additional information is needed, such as whether there are red eyes, whether blurred vision when reading far or near or other information. Then you should check the condition of your eyes to a specialist eye and also required a physical examination and examination the other eye in order to be able to make a definitive diagnosis.

Some things that should be of your concern are if the spots change size and become more numerous, see a flash of light, vision loss at the periphery, head falls or bump hard, or pain in the eye, it is advisable to immediately see Your doctor. You are also advised to always check eye health with an eye doctor at least every 2 years to keep up with your eye health.

Hopefully this information can be useful.

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