Black Cavities

Illustration of Black Cavities
Illustration: Black Cavities

Doc, I have cavities and I leave my cavities continuously and are not taken care of, I used to go to the doctor to consult, he said, they had to be patched, made a referral letter to the nearest dental hospital, the first day after filling it, the tooth patch had passed . And the next day my father died even though that day I should have consulted again to patch my teeth, doctor, so the doc the next day after my father died I never again went to the hospital for a consultation Because God forgot :(, already a week passed when the first day patched , there was an intention to return to the hospital but was afraid to be angry with Ama doctor :(. Until now my teeth patches are still in my cavity. Over time my teeth have blackened and it affects between other teeth. How do I deal with it, what about the doctor? do you need to see the doctor again or just pull it off?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at We understand your confusion. In short, you need to go back to your dentist beforehand.

This is because the determination of the disease, be it a dental disease or disease in other parts of the body must go through a direct examination to avoid misunderstanding. There are at least two components that must be met to be able to establish a good diagnosis, namely history and physical examination. It is this part of the physical examination that cannot be represented or done remotely because it will cause misunderstandings that actually harm the patient. Moreover, if it needs to be revoked, those who have the right to determine whether or not to pull it will be the dentist who has examined you, and has his own methods.

So our advice, go back to your dentist beforehand. If what you are afraid of is that you will be blamed for not coming early, of course your doctor will understand your reasons for your immediate family dying. Hearing these reasons, your doctor will certainly understand why you can then forget about other matters.

Meanwhile, maintain oral hygiene by regularly brushing your teeth twice a day using toothpaste containing fluoride, avoiding foods and drinks that are sweet and sour, do not smoke, and consult a doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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