Black Hole After Opening Thread Stitches

Illustration of Black Hole After Opening Thread Stitches
Illustration: Black Hole After Opening Thread Stitches

Doc, I want to ask my child yesterday, just opened the stitches of the colon appendix after 3 weeks of surgery, what I want to ask is why the traces of the stitches have black holes like holes in the dock, why is that? Is it dangerous? The hole appeared after the suture was opened

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Hi Andik,

Thank you for the question.

Operation of the large intestine and appendix can be done by the method of laparotomy (open abdominal surgery) or laparoscopy (minimally abdominal surgery, assisted by the use of a small camera-led tube). Postoperatively, the healing period can last for 1-4 weeks, depending on the type of surgery, the severity of your condition before surgery, as well as the treatment performed postoperatively.

In general, if your scars have fused and dried well, without any signs of severe inflammation, it seems that your condition does not need to worry. The black hole that you see is likely to come from a blackened surgery due to a normal hyperpigmentation process. You just need to keep your scars clean and dry, and not to overdo physical activities (including lifting heavy loads) within 1-6 months after surgery so that healing takes place more optimally. Not to forget, also consume foods and drinks that are of balanced nutritional value, get plenty of rest, stop smoking, and be more disciplined to live a healthy lifestyle so that no serious complications occur after surgery.

You need to be vigilant if the postoperative black hole appears to secrete an abnormal discharge, which is mucus, blood, or pus that smells. Your vigilance should also be increased if you find signs of severe inflammation, such as pain, swelling, and so on around the former surgery. In these conditions, it may be that the hole you see is a fistula, which appears often due to infection or attachment of the intestine to the surgical scar. Immediately check yourself to the doctor or surgeon if you find conditions like this to be handled well, ok?

I hope this helps.

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