Black Lines On The Nails Are Getting Thicker?

Illustration of Black Lines On The Nails Are Getting Thicker?
Illustration: Black Lines On The Nails Are Getting Thicker?

Hi I want to ask .. r nI have a black line on the finger nail on my thumb. Initially the black line was thin. But day by day the black line is getting thicker. My friends thought that it was a ballpoint pen, but the line could not disappear … Is that a disease? Is that dangerous? Because my friend once told me that it was a sign of an illness. Thanks.

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Hi Agatha,

Thank you for asking

It is true, the existence of a black line on the finger nail can indicate an illness. However, the diagnosis of a disease cannot then be made only by examining the nails alone. It also requires a thorough physical examination from head to toe, in-depth interviews, or also some other supporting tests to find out, is it true that your complaint occurs due to an illness, or there are other causes that are natural and harmless.

Here are some diseases that can cause the appearance of black lines on the finger nails:

Subungual hematoma (blood clots under the nails, can occur if you have previously suffered an injury to the nail, for example due to being squeezed or hit hard enough)

Nail fungus infection (besides appearing abnormal lines or colors on the nails, this infection also makes the nails become brittle, easily cracked, uneven, and smells bad)
Vitamin B12 deficiency

Subungual melanoma (a malignant tumor derived from skin pigment producing cells)
Autoimmune disorders, for example lupus, psoriasis, and so on

However, it is not always the condition that you experience due to an illness. It could also, the blackish color on your nails is a natural genetic variation that occurs due to deposition of excess melanin pigment under the nail. This condition is often called melanonychia.

To distinguish whether your condition really occurs due to an illness or is still a reasonable variation, you can check yourself directly to a doctor or dermatologist huh. That way, the doctor can give you the right treatment if necessary. In the meantime, you should take good care of your nail health, for example by:

Wash your hands thoroughly, especially after coming into contact with dirt
Avoid actions that are at risk of causing injury to fingers and nails
Do not over-manipulate black spots on the nails without doctor's advice
Eat healthy and nutritious food in balance
Don't overdo using nail modification products (for example nail polish)
Do not smoke

Hope this helps ...

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