Black Out & Hypotension?

Illustration of Black Out & Hypotension?
Illustration: Black Out & Hypotension?

Good afternoon … I want to ask why my skg often black out so that it often makes me fall ….. lsg views can be dark and then fall but for a moment I will continue after falling unconscious, I check blood pressure drops once … ..70 / 50 and that is very often experienced by me. So I want to ask the doctor what caused me to be like that ?? That’s all I ask … Please take the instructions from the doctor. Before I say many thanks.

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at The condition that you experience, can also be called fainting and it can be caused by various things, including:

Low blood pressure
Low blood sugar levels
Impaired nerve function
Impaired cardiac function
Seizures, for example due to epilepsy

So indeed low blood pressure could be the cause of someone fainting. What needs to be confirmed in your condition is whether it is true that low blood pressure is the sole cause of your fainting, or is there another cause. If it's just low blood pressure, among the causes of low blood pressure can be due to lack of fluids, infections, hormonal imbalances, side effects of drugs, lack of nutrition, allergic reactions, or due to sudden changes in position. It remains to be found again what is the exact cause of low blood pressure that you experience and then deal with specifics based on the cause.

For this reason, you should check with your internal medicine doctor, so that you can do a more thorough history, physical examination and support in order to narrow down the possibilities and determine the appropriate treatment.

Meanwhile, multiply the consumption of water, meet the nutritional needs by eating regularly and increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, regular exercise according to ability, avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, and immediately consult a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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