Black Spots Like Moles On Cheeks?

Illustration of Black Spots Like Moles On Cheeks?
Illustration: Black Spots Like Moles On Cheeks?

Hello, I would like to ask. From Wednesday yesterday I saw black spots appear like a fly’s tai on my right cheek and until now there is still. It really irritates my face. I want to ask how do you get rid of it and are dark spots dangerous? Thank you

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at Black spots on the skin, most likely indeed moles. Although most moles appear as innate, there are a few that appear later in life. This condition is harmless, as long as the spots do not enlarge rapidly, the surface is flat with the skin, consisting of only one color, the shape is symmetrical rather than irregular, and the boundaries are firm. If it's a mole, it doesn't matter if you leave it alone and you can get rid of it with the help of a dermatologist or beauty clinic if you think it upsets cosmetics.

In addition to moles, another possibility that can occur is the black spots that occur due to exposure to sunlight, genetic factors, or more serious conditions such as ururofibromatosis and melanoma. Our advice, because the possibilities are still diverse, it would be better if you immediately consulted your dermatologist, so that misunderstandings can be avoided, and you can also directly discuss the best treatment.

Meanwhile, no need to worry too much, avoid exposure to sunlight, dust and pollution, do not touch and rub, and do not smear anything as long as the diagnosis is not clear. That's all, hope you answer your question.

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