Black Spots On Stool?

Illustration of Black Spots On Stool?
Illustration: Black Spots On Stool?

, I experience pain / discomfort in the abdomen that often moves, which often happens that in my solar plexus that feels very painful, chest pain and sometimes feels sore / hot with tightness and limp body. This complaint has long experienced and already several times the doctor but the results sometimes improved and recurred again a few days. For more than a week now I have observed there are black spots on my stool, why is that? I also have been consuming supergreen food supplement for a week containing chlorella and spirulina algae, is it possible because of that? Thank you

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Hi Hendra,

Thank you for asking

The complaints that you are experiencing at this time can be caused by various conditions. One of the most likely is gastric disorders. However, it does not rule out interference with other organs. Some conditions that can be thought to be the cause of your complaint at this time are as follows:

Gastritis or inflammation of the stomach wall
Gastric acid disease is where the increase in stomach acid into the esophagus so that it feels complaints of heartburn, and even burning pain in the esophagus.

Gastric ulcer or gastric wall injury. This condition begins with persistent inflammation and is accompanied by a bacterial infection that causes injury. It can be in the form of heartburn and in chronic (long lasting) cases it can cause a black stool.
Colitis or inflammation of the intestine.
Food allergies can also be considered.
Side effects of certain drugs or certain types of food.

In your case where you are consuming Chlorella and Spirulina Algae. In one of the studies there was a side effect where the color of the bowel could be dark green to black. However, it is uncertain whether the side effects of the plant species you are consuming or if there are other medical conditions. To make sure you should re-consult with the doctor who treats you. Discuss the need for more detailed investigations, whether a gastroscopy examination is needed to ensure the presence or absence of gastric ulcer or other tests.

So that I can convey, hopefully useful.

Greetings, Dr. Tiwie

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