Black Spots On The Face After A Dermaroller A Few Months Ago?

Illustration of Black Spots On The Face After A Dermaroller A Few Months Ago?
Illustration: Black Spots On The Face After A Dermaroller A Few Months Ago?

Afternoon, why yeah after I did dermalloler a few months ago why did my face have spots * hintam, what is the cause of the lack of use of regem or what, please explain it ..? Thank you

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Hi friend,

Thank you for asking

Dermaroller is an action that aims to erode dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin. Through this method, it is hoped that the regeneration process of skin cells will run more optimally, so that indirectly, it can cause a variety of good effects on skin health, including:

Shrinking pores
Wrinkles are reduced
Brighter skin tone
The skin becomes smoother
Black stains become faint, and so on

Dermaroller therapy is ideally not done alone, but also coupled with the provision of vitamins, serum, collagen, and several other measures so that the effects obtained are more leverage. Although today a dermaroller tool can be obtained easily, but it should, you still do not do this action carelessly without a doctor's supervision to avoid the risk of dangerous side effects.

The appearance of black spots on your skin can indeed be one of the side effects of using a dermaroller. These side effects usually occur due to open skin pores that look like black spots. If coupled with good skin care, this condition should not last long. In addition, it could also be, blackish skin spots that appear on your skin due to other factors, such as excessive sun exposure, blackheads, folliculitis, nevi, ephelides, phototoxic or photoallergic reactions, and so on.

Better, you first check your skin condition to a doctor or dermatologist huh .. Through direct evaluation, of course the doctor can give you the best treatment. Depending on the cause of the spots later, your doctor can simply make observations, give special creams, or maybe also direct you to undergo other medical procedures.

In the meantime, you should first do the following steps:

Do not squeeze or slough off black spots on the skin by force
Wash and wash your face diligently using the right cleansing soap
Use sunscreen and moisturizer before your activity
Protect the skin from being exposed to excessive sunlight, pollution and other irritants
Sleep early, don't stay up late
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Do not smoke
Do not carelessly use skin care products without consulting a doctor first

Hope this helps ...

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