Black Spots On The Hands, Back, Neck And Stomach?

Illustration of Black Spots On The Hands, Back, Neck And Stomach?
Illustration: Black Spots On The Hands, Back, Neck And Stomach?

Good evening doctor, I’m a 25-year-old woman. I want to ask … On my body, black spots / spots appear and sometimes itchy, causing sores u0026amp; imprint. I have also checked it with a dermatologist and it is said that the gene is innate. This black spot appeared when I was in my 20s u0026amp; initially appeared on the back neck then spread to the hands, back u0026amp; stomach. Is there a cure u0026amp; can be cured?

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Hello Widdy Mlg Thank you for asking

Black spots or black spots on the skin, this condition is also called hyperpigmentation, where hyperpigmentation is a skin problem characterized by the appearance of dark patches on the surface of the skin that can occur anywhere in the body. The appearance of these dark patches due to the buildup of melanin.

This condition can be caused by various factors such as genetic or genetic factors, exposure to sunlight, effects of using birth control pills, pregnancy factors. The forms of hyperpigmentation on the skin can be:

Melasma: usually experienced by women aged 20-50 years and is usually more at risk for those with dark skin
Lentigo: Lentigo usually appears on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun like faces, hands. Usually the size of lentigo that appears varies, starting from 0.2-2 cm and usually appears at an older age

Generally, black spots on the skin or hyperpigmentation is not dangerous, so special handling is usually not needed. If you have already seen a dermatologist and have not been given special therapy then it is possible that these spots are not dangerous. However, if these black spots appear with annoying complaints such as pain, itching, or lumps, you should control again and check with a dermatologist.

Although not dangerous, black spots or hyperpigmentation can certainly interfere with appearance, you can consult a dermatologist for appropriate treatment. Handling will be given by doctors in several ways can reduce black spots on the skin for example by:

Vitamin C, drugs containing vitamiin C can inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase which plays a role in the formation of dark skin melanin.
Laser or chemical peels, are usually recommended if using topical medications do not give good results
Always use a moisturizer and it is recommended to prioritize products that contain moisturizers, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and retinol

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