Black Teeth Tartar?

Illustration of Black Teeth Tartar?
Illustration: Black Teeth Tartar?

My front teeth have black coral. Are there blackish tartar colors?

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Tartar is formed from deposits of leftover food that hardens around the teeth and gums. This tartar is clinically seen as a white to yellowish mass attached to the top of the gum attached to the teeth. This mass is hard when touched, as is the dental structure. Often, tartar also causes swollen gums, redness, and makes bad breath become unpleasant. Tartar can also be the focus of an infection that is prone to causing cavities.

It is not impossible that tartar will become blackish. This condition usually occurs in people with poor dental and oral hygiene, smokers, or people taking certain types of drugs.

In order for your tartar problem to be resolved, you need to see yourself directly to the dentist. If it is true that you can trigger your complaints, your doctor can recommend that you undergo scaling so that your problem is resolved. If there are other dental and mouth problems, then this condition can also be treated at the same time during your visit to the dentist.

To prevent tartar from stopping and blackening, you should:

 More diligently brushing your teeth in the right way, every morning, evening, and evening before bed. Clean between your teeth properly and rinse with an antiseptic solution. No smoking. Regularly check dental and oral health to the dentist every 6 months.

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