Blackened Groin And Vaginal Discharge Like Milk?

Illustration of Blackened Groin And Vaginal Discharge Like Milk?
Illustration: Blackened Groin And Vaginal Discharge Like Milk?

Morning, .. I want to ask .. It’s been me since I was in school .. For the female area (precisely in the groin) that he was dark brown .. Like irritation .. And that I want to eliminate .. If rubbed then he will come out like a dead killy shit .. But still he does not disappear his dark brown color .. And every time I have sex it sometimes comes out white liquid like milk .. And it causes an unpleasant odor .. I have kept the cleanliness miss V me .. But it feels just the same .. So I am not confident .. How do I deal with it ,?

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Hello Millah,

Thank you for asking

Brown color in the groin can indicate several conditions, including skin irritation due to excessive friction (often experienced by obese people or those who often use tight pants) or deposition of dead skin cells and other impurities (usually due to poor personal hygiene) . It is also possible that the cause of your crotch skin looks like dirt when dead skin rubbed. Although often not dangerous, this condition if left untreated can trigger secondary infections that make your groin feel itchy, sore, reddened, smooth, sometimes even swollen.

In line with complaints in your groin, white discharge like milk that smells bad from your genitals, especially during sexual intercourse, is also likely to indicate an infection. The cause of this infection can vary, ranging from fungi (such as candidiasis), parasites, bacteria, or also viruses. Not only are indications, irritations, malignancies, fistulas, hormonal fluctuations, and many other medical conditions can also aggravate your complaints.

It is better if your complaint is checked directly to a doctor or a specialist in skin and genitals. If left unchecked, of course your condition can cause discomfort, whether during sexual intercourse, walking, or other activities. Your doctor may direct you to undergo further tests, such as cervical mucus, ultrasound, pap smears, and so on if necessary.

For now, you can try the following suggestions first:

Improve personal hygiene, clean your groin and genitals well with clean water, without the need to add soap or perfume carelessly Always wear clean, soft and non-tight clothing and pants Change your underwear regularly 2 times a day No excessive scratching or rub the groin area or genitals ONLY do healthy sex activities Drink plenty of water Don't carelessly take medication without a doctor's prescription Hope it helps huh ..

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