Blackened Groin

Illustration of Blackened Groin
Illustration: Blackened Groin

My doc is shella 21 years old, I want to ask how to whiten the blackened groin skin which is safe for the skin how do you? please answer doc

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Hello Shella, thank you for asking at

Blackened groin is indeed not a dangerous condition, but it must be very disturbing one's confidence. Some of the causes that can underlie these concerns include:

Skin infections due to fungus in the groin
Shaving pubic hair too often
Using underwear too tight
Friction often occurs in the groin, and so on

To overcome these complaints can be done naturally such as the use of cucumbers, lime, turmeric powder, and several other natural ingredients. For how to use in more detail you can see here. The use of special creams can also be an option, but for this certainly need to consult in advance with a dermatologist.

For now things you can do:

Drink enough water
Avoid using pants too tight
Don't shave your pubic books too often
Avoid using a hair removal cream for the area
Manage stress well
Keep the humidity and cleanliness of the groin area

That's all, hope it helps.

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