Blackened Surgical Suture Wounds?

Illustration of Blackened Surgical Suture Wounds?
Illustration: Blackened Surgical Suture Wounds?

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Rozer plasty (roser plasti) is a cutting edge nail operation (about 1/3 part) that can be done for a variety of purposes, one of which is to diagnose and treat severe infections of the nails. This former surgery, if there are no other complications, will naturally recover in 1 to 4 weeks.

It still feels pain or stinging in the former operation that you experience if the occurrence is still in the span of time it could be a natural thing due to the remaining postoperative inflammation. The black mass that you observe in your former surgery may be part of a frozen blood or granulation tissue that arises due to the normal process of cell regeneration after surgery. As long as this pain or tenderness appears mild, and is not accompanied by swelling, bleeding, unpleasant odors, fever, or other annoying complaints, this condition is probably not dangerous.

Keep cleaning your scars regularly, and use medication as your doctor suggests. Also optimize the healing of your scars with more rest, eat a variety of nutritious foods, rich in vitamin C and protein, drink lots, and don't smoke or consume any other drugs without doctor's advice. With good handling, complaints can be overcome without leaving dangerous complications.

However, if up to 4 weeks after surgery you still experience complaints that interfere, or other danger signs appear as we mentioned above, do not hesitate to check your condition to the doctor or surgeon who operated on you before ..

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