Blackened Swollen Skin?

Illustration of Blackened Swollen Skin?
Illustration: Blackened Swollen Skin?

, my grandmother suddenly her feet were swollen and on her ring finger like there was a scab but there was no pus and blackened, why is that?

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Previously I want to confirm first, since when the symptoms began to appear? Does the wound occur first before symptoms of swelling appear on the foot and blackening of the toe or do the swelling and blackening occur first before the wound appears? Does your grandmother have diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol?

If what happens is that the wound first appears then accompanied by swelling and also blackens on the toe, then the possibility that occurs is an infection in the wound that is getting worse causing bleeding disorders to the feet and tissue death (necrosis) in the toes around the wound .

If what happens is swelling in the legs followed by discoloration of the toes and new sores appear, your grandmother may have a blockage in the arteries in her legs or called PAD or peripheral arterial disease. Blockage in blood vessels will cause the tissue in the leg to not get enough food and oxygen to survive so that eventually the cells in the leg die and tissue necrosis also occurs.

The conditions experienced by your grandmother need to be examined immediately. We recommend that you immediately bring your grandmother to the doctor of internal medicine so that further tests can be done. An internist may refer your grandmother to be treated with a surgeon as well if there is already dead tissue that requires surgical cleaning. Internal medicine doctors will also conduct other examinations to look for other diseases that can aggravate conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and assess other risk factors such as obesity, smoking, etc. Ballast disease and other risk factors must also be controlled properly so that healing in the legs can occur.

The examination should not be postponed because the dead legs can be more widespread. If it is already widespread and cannot be saved, it may be necessary to amputate the toe to the limit of the dead leg tissue.

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