Blackish Flesh Appears In The Ears?

Illustration of Blackish Flesh Appears In The Ears?
Illustration: Blackish Flesh Appears In The Ears?

Slmt mlm. I want to ask about the meat that arises in the ear proboscis when I was a 24-year-old adult, the flesh was rather blackish in color, but if he held it he gradually got smaller. I want to ask the doctor how to get rid of it, okay?

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 We understand the inconvenience of your complaint.
 Flesh or lumps that grow on the ears of the ear can be caused by various reasons, including:

Abscess / boil

To find out for sure, more complete information is needed related to the complaint you are experiencing. Are there any signs of inflammation such as pain, swelling, redness in the affected ear area. In addition, whether the meat or lump is growing / getting bigger or permanent size.
 Based on the information you have provided, we suspect that the condition you are experiencing leads to cystic skin disorders. However this must be confirmed directly by physical examination on the lump. Cysts can be either fat cysts or dermoid cysts. Therefore, we recommend that you carry out an examination to the nearest doctor for further evaluation.
 Don't worry because most of the conditions you experience are harmless, although they can make you feel uncomfortable.
 Generally, your complaint can disappear by itself. If no disturbing complaints are found, then no specific therapy is needed. However, operative measures can also help remove the lump.
 Avoid squeezing or making any effort to remove the lump / meat with your bare hands or with certain tools that are not clean and sterile.
 Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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