Bladder Irrigation After Bladder Enlargement Surgery?

Afternoon, I want to ask here the problem of overactive bladder, I have overactive bladder, have drug therapy, have other therapies, but still my symptoms do not decrease and the doctor advised me to enlarge the bladder surgery (augmentation cystoplasty) which I want to ask here after I have my aeration. have to irrigate the bladder, what does it mean to irrigate the bladder and how to do it by whom and how ?? Trs I have to use itertment cacteter, do I not understand it ?? Then the catheter will be used for the rest of my life or just after surgery? Thanks.

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Hello wulan

Thank you for the question.

Surgery in the bladder, including surgery to enlarge the bladder (augmentation cystoplasty) in patients with overactive bladder, risks causing blood clots to form in the bladder. If this condition is not treated properly, then this blood clot can cause obstruction of urine flow and various health problems arise. Therefore, after surgery, doctors will generally recommend that bladder irrigation be done.

Bladder irrigation is done in order to get rid of and prevent the formation of blood clots in the bladder. Not only post-bladder surgery, this action can also be done after prostate surgery (in men), chemotherapy, also radiotherapy. In this procedure, a urine catheter will be installed which is connected directly from the tip of the urinary tract to the bladder. In this catheter, it contains 3 tubes, the first tube which is connected directly to the urine bag, the second tube which is used to inflate the balloon at the end of the catheter to remain in position, and the third tube which is connected to the bag containing saline liquid (saline solution). This saline liquid will then flow into the bladder until it feels clean. The cleanliness of the bladder is usually marked by the color of urine that begins to leucorrhoea, no longer red or brown due to containing blood. Usually, the action of bladder irrigation is carried out for 1 to 2 days.

As long as it is carried out by competent medical personnel and with correct medical indications, the bladder irrigation is safe. In fact, this action has far greater benefits compared to the risks. The catheter that is attached to your bladder will certainly not be left permanently. But will be released when your condition is declared better.

It's best not to worry too much, right? Consult directly with the surgeon who treats you regarding the best management of your condition.

Hope this helps ...

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