Bleeding 2 Weeks?

Illustration of Bleeding 2 Weeks?
Illustration: Bleeding 2 Weeks?

, my wife was bleeding profusely in 8 days and then followed by another 1 week of bleeding. Just checked again with the testpack the results are 2 lines whereas yesterday the result was 1 line, what should I do?

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The existence of complaints of active bleeding within 8 days and followed by continued bleeding of about 1 week with a positive peck test result, then this condition may be triggered by the possibility of a miscarriage condition. If the positive peck test results, although yesterday was still negative, then the possibility of pregnancy still needs to be considered. With ongoing bleeding with a positive peck test, then you should take your wife to your obstetrician for further examination relating to a positive peck test and ongoing bleeding.

Patients with miscarriages can be accompanied by complaints such as:

 Pregnancy is young or has not reached 20 weeks Abdominal pain Cramps Lumbago Bleeding Looks tissue out of the birth canal So if bleeding continues, it is possible that there is still residual tissue still attached to the uterus, so bleeding continues. However, this can only be ascertained by an examination by a doctor one of them with an ultrasound examination.

Apart from the possibility of a miscarriage, bleeding and positive peck test results, this condition can also occur in grapes or molar pregnancies where there is abnormal development of the placenta during pregnancy, where there is no fetal development but only abnormal placental development, with a shape such as Grape. The cause of wine pregnancy is an abnormal fertilization process, namely:

 Fertilization of 1 sperm in an empty egg Fertilization of 2 sperm in one egg This causes only an unnatural placenta to grow and the results of fertilization do not develop properly so that it can not last long. In patients with molar pregnancy can be accompanied by complaints such as:

 Abdominal pain Nausea bleeding Coming out of brown or lumpy fluid such as wine from the birth canal The stomach looks enlarged as in pregnancy, complaints such as pregnancy can also be felt Peck test can be positive so if the peck test results are positive and accompanied by bleeding, it needs further examination by a doctor to help ascertain the cause of this complaint.

In addition to the two conditions above, several other medical conditions can also provide a positive peck test result, such as:

 Pregnancy outside the womb Misuse of medication Side effects However, it is indeed to ascertain the cause and help with proper handling, then you should make a visit and consultation to your obstetrician. Thus, all possibilities can be ascertained and complications from the effects of bleeding can be prevented, such as the condition of weakness, pale, anemia, and palpitations and shortness of breath.

For the time being, your wife should provide enough water and organic food to help meet her fluid and energy needs. Avoid physical fatigue and avoid sleeping late. Continuing the doctor's plan will help prevent recurrence of bleeding in the future.

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