Bleeding Accompanied By Lower Abdominal Pain After 12 Days Of Menstruation?

Illustration of Bleeding Accompanied By Lower Abdominal Pain After 12 Days Of Menstruation?
Illustration: Bleeding Accompanied By Lower Abdominal Pain After 12 Days Of Menstruation?

Good morning..I want to tell you a little .. I am the new partner .. this month I am already late for my 12th day .. I am already menstruating but I have pain in my stomach .. when I checked with the midwife, she advised for ultrasound because I was worried about the abortion..then I tried to check with other midwives..there was the testpack to find out whether it was positive or not … if it was positive, it means that the miscarriage was like that … and the result was negative. The question is usually menses. Just give me the pain medication. R nAccording to the doctor, what should I do? When you are out of the way, will the testpack be accurate ?? r nThank you. Please answer.

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Hi Eka,

Thank you for asking

According to some literature, the incidence of miscarriage (abortion) affects nearly 10-20 percent of women who are pregnant. However, this figure is probably actually bigger, because women often do not realize that they are pregnant, so that a miscarriage is often considered a normal menstruation. This is possible if the miscarriage occurs at a very young gestational age.

Menstruation that comes later than the schedule, accompanied by severe lower abdominal pain can indicate a miscarriage, but it may not. A miscarriage is generally characterized by profuse bleeding and clots like flesh. In addition, the abdominal pain that occurs due to miscarriage is generally very intense and unbearable, much more intense than the pain during normal menstruation. However, to confirm this condition, it is advisable to do an ultrasound examination, which is to assess the condition of the uterus in more detail.

Apart from miscarriage, it can also be delayed menstruation due to hormonal changes in your body, for example when you are experiencing fatigue, stress, taking hormonal drugs, dieting or exercising too much, increasing or losing very drastic weight, or also diseases, for example ovarian cysts, and so on.

A testpack examination can also be done to distinguish a miscarriage from other conditions as mentioned above. However, it seems that the accuracy of the testpack is still lower when compared to ultrasound. This is because, it is possible that pregnancy hormone levels have decreased after a miscarriage so that they are no longer detected through the testpack.

For this reason, if you are still experiencing bleeding and severe abdominal pain to date, you should have your condition checked directly to an obstetrician so that an ultrasound is performed. That way, it can be judged whether it is true what you experience is a miscarriage or not. If it is true that the miscarriage, the doctor can help with bleeding and pain by giving you several types of drugs or also recommending you to undergo a curette. That way, the condition of your uterus can recover and be ready to bear a new fetus later.

In the meantime, you can first use bandages that are changed regularly to control how much bleeding occurs. Also get plenty of rest while compressing the sore stomach area with warm water so that the pain is reduced.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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