Bleeding After 1 Week Of Delivery. Is It Normal?

Illustration of Bleeding After 1 Week Of Delivery. Is It Normal?
Illustration: Bleeding After 1 Week Of Delivery. Is It Normal?

Hello, I want to ask if it is normal for bleeding to occur after 1 week of giving birth? Usually after the baby is born 1-2 hours. But what I experienced was different, I gave birth normally. But experienced heavy bleeding after the baby was 1 week outside. And after 2 months I was hesitant to have sex with my husband considering the incident. Please explain and handle it.

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Hello Mrs. Nhenx.

Thank you for the question.

The bleeding you experience may be referred to as lochia. Lokia is bleeding from the vagina during the puerperium. Lokia is also known as postpartum blood. The postpartum blood is divided into:

lochia rubra: contains fresh blood and the rest of the amniotic membrane. This Lokia lasted 2 days.
lokia sanguinolenta: yellowish red filled with blood and mucus. This lochia comes out at the end of lochia rubra up to 7 days after delivery.
serous lochia: contains a discharge, does not bleed anymore and lasts from 7-14 days postpartum
Lokia alba: yellowish-white discharge that occurs after 2 weeks after delivery
purulental lochia: in case of infection and foul odor

Nokia occurs due to hormonal changes and physical changes of the reproductive organs.

Did you go to a gynecologist at that time? How is the condition until now? Is the mother still bleeding? When bleeding occurs, how many pads do you use?

If you have no bleeding at this time, the mother can have sex with her husband. If the mother is still unsure about her current condition, you should check with a Gynecologist.

The suggestions that I can give:

consult a doctor immediately if the mother finds bleeding after intercourse
eat nutritious and healthy food
provide exclusive breastfeeding until the first 6 months of the baby's life
do hand washing with soap every time you give breast milk
clean or wash the breast before giving it to the baby

Hopefully my explanation can answer your question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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