Bleeding After A Long Trip?

Illustration of Bleeding After A Long Trip?
Illustration: Bleeding After A Long Trip?

,, I want to ask ,,, when in the 6th month I tested it, the result was line 2, but after I traveled a long way, finally blood came out again, only 1 line returned …, but after that in the following months I menstruated but only 2 days … but why is my stomach getting bigger huh?

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Hello Adhe,

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Need to be clarified, have you confirmed your testpack results to the doctor?

Most people suspect that a positive testpack result can ensure that she is pregnant. When in fact this is not always the case. Testpack results can also be positive in women who are not pregnant, for example due to improper testpack procedures, bacterial contaminated urine, drug side effects, or also other pregnancy disorders (eg miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, grape pregnancy, and empty pregnancy). Therefore, pregnancy is not sufficiently diagnosed from a positive testpack. You need to confirm the results of the testpack to the doctor for an ultrasound.

Your negative testpack results now could be that you are not pregnant, or previously pregnant but have a miscarriage. As for your menstruation which only lasts for 2 days can occur in women who are pregnant (for example due to implantation bleeding) or not pregnant (for example due to side effects of drugs, impaired hormonal balance, ovarian cysts, fatigue, stress, or anxiety). Enlargement of your stomach can occur due to various reasons. Apart from pregnancy, the stomach can also be enlarged due to obesity, dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), intestinal obstruction, myoma, intra-abdominal tumors, psychological disorders, and so on.

As we have explained above, your condition should be examined directly by a doctor or obstetrician for an ultrasound examination. Thus, whether you are pregnant or not, your doctor can certainly give you the best treatment.

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