Bleeding After Childbirth?

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I was born last month on December 8th and I still have a lot of blood since I gave birth 5 days ago. Last week I checked the contractions were good but why is there still a lot of blood

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Hello Sarah Isnawati Wiranegara, thank you for the question for

After childbirth, a woman will enter the puerperium. The postpartum period is the time when a woman's body will adjust to return to its pre-natal body condition. The puerperium lasts approximately 40 days or 6 weeks.

If you are past 6 weeks you still continue to bleed from the vagina, then this is probably not normal and requires further evaluation. The following are some possible causes of continuous bleeding that lasts past the puerperium:

Unclean pregnancy tissue in the uterus Infection in the reproductive organs such as infection in the uterus or endometritis Use of hormonal contraception or IUD (intrauterine contraception) after delivery

To find out more about the cause of continuous bleeding you are experiencing, you should immediately consult your obstetrician. The doctor will perform examinations such as blood tests and ultrasound to look for the cause of the bleeding you are experiencing. The therapy given will adjust to the findings. If there is residual tissue in the uterus, certain procedures such as dilatation and curettage may be needed to clean it. If an infection occurs, the treatment given is antibiotic therapy. Go to the hospital immediately, especially if you experience the following conditions:

Bleeding profusely and clotting There is a fever There are symptoms of dizziness to fainting Severe pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis

That's all I can tell you, hopefully it's useful

dr. Irna Cecilia

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