Bleeding After Intestinal Adhesions Surgery?

Illustration of Bleeding After Intestinal Adhesions Surgery?
Illustration: Bleeding After Intestinal Adhesions Surgery?

Hello doctor r nI am Indri, age 22, I want to ask the doctor about 2 months ago, I operated on the second app, the first time was surgery, the second app was surgery because the intestines were sticky, and now my wound is dry but right on the link there is a little wound Then the blood comes out, it hurts whether it’s dangerous or not, then what medicine should I use for the wound

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Hello Indri Thank you for asking

App is usually a term that refers to the appendix or appendix. The appendix is ​​a heart organ measuring 5 - 10 cm that hangs on the large intestine, and normally humans usually only have 1 appendix or appendix. If the appendix becomes inflamed, it can cause serious complications, so an appendectomy is performed. So it is actually impossible if you have a second appendectomy.

Maybe you mean the second operation is surgery to treat bowel adhesions. Adhesions often occur and is one of the complications after performing surgery in the stomach area including auxiliary bowel surgery.

All types of surgery will usually cause pain in the area of ​​the surgical wound. However, the pain will gradually recover. The pain relief will vary from person to person.

In order for the surgical wound to heal, you must pay attention to the treatment of the surgical wound. If the surgical wound is treated properly, it can speed up the wound healing process so that the pain can also gradually disappear. However, there are several things that can hinder the healing of the surgical wound, such as infection, injury to the suture wound.

If what appears is only bleeding points, and the amount is not large, you don't need to worry too much. You can apply pressure on the area that is bleeding. Remember to press gently and gently using sterile gauze. However, if the bleeding does not stop or causes the wound to open or 'open', pus comes out, consult immediately about this to the surgeon who has treated you before.

Here are some things you should pay attention to after you have had an appendectomy:

Keep the stitches dry and clean to avoid infection in the postoperative incision wound. The doctor will tell you when the suture wound can get water.
The sutures will be removed by the doctor once the wound is closed and healed properly.
Keep the area around the surgical wound clean.
Avoiding strenuous activities to prevent opening of surgical wounds such as lifting heavy objects. Coughing, straining, and sneezing can also increase pressure in the stomach and cause the stitches to stretch.
If you are in pain, you can take the pain medication that your medication has been given.
Take regular medications according to your doctor's instructions, spend the antibiotics your doctor gave you.
Control to evaluate your surgical cuts and wounds as your doctor instructs you

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