Bleeding After Myoma Laparotomy Surgery

Doc, I operated on uterine myoma laparatomi about 2 weeks ago. Actually 5 days after the operation the bleeding has stopped. But why do you dock after 2 weeks can occur spots like you want bleeding again? Is there any need to worry about whether it is normal?

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Hello Ika, thank you for asking at

Bleeding after surgery can occur due to various possibilities including:

Miom is back growing
Lacerations of the genital organs
Ovulation bleeding
Pregnancy complications such as miscarriage, wine pregnancy,
Pelvic inflammation
Blood clotting disorders, and so on

Whether it is dangerous or not depends on the cause. To find out the exact cause certainly needs to be examined directly by a doctor. The doctor will also do some other additional tests needed such as blood tests and ultrasound.

For now, all you can do is:

Get enough rest
Eat healthy and nutritious foods and drink enough water
Avoid heavy physical activity first
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
Keep your organs clean
Use pads and change regularly

If more blood comes out or other complaints arise such as severe abdominal pain immediately go to the doctor for further examination and treatment.

That's all, hope it helps.

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