Bleeding After Pregnancy?

Illustration of Bleeding After Pregnancy?
Illustration: Bleeding After Pregnancy?

Hello, one of my family asked. What if after being fertilized can still menstruate a month after having sex or not? thank you

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Hi Teddy,

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Fertilization can occur if there are sperm cells that enter the vagina and meet with the egg. After fertilization, the zygote will form which continues to proliferate. This proliferating zygote will migrate from the site of fertilization (usually in the ampulla of the fallopian tubes) to the uterus. In the womb, the result of fertilization will implant itself (implantation), then settle and develop until it becomes an embryo.

In some pregnant women, the process of implantation can cause a little tear of the uterine blood vessels that will come out into the birth canal as bleeding like menstruation, or also called implantation bleeding. It could also, bleeding when a young woman is pregnant due to other causes, for example:

Ectopic Pregnancy Miscarriage Pregnancy wine Injury of the reproductive organs, for example due to sexual intercourse, injury, etc. It is not quite right to actually call this menstruation. Because, it is unlikely that women who are pregnant will experience menstruation. However, given the almost similar symptoms, most women are often confused by this condition.

Therefore, if indeed you have had unprotected sexual intercourse that has the potential to cause pregnancy, you should make sure your pregnancy by doing a testpack or go directly to a doctor or obstetrician. If it is true that you are pregnant, and you experience a lot of bleeding, such as menstruation at the beginning of your pregnancy, also check with yourself to the doctor so that you can be sure, is bleeding that you experience is still reasonable as part of implantation bleeding, or are there other causes that need treatment further doctors.

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