Bleeding After The Puerperium Stops?

Illustration of Bleeding After The Puerperium Stops?
Illustration: Bleeding After The Puerperium Stops? Bing

amualaikum,rnI want to ask, from how many weeks ago the postpartum period has stopped and now there is blood coming out again, is it including menstruation or still parturitionrnAnd is it normal because I am exclusively breastfed, my baby’s age will be February 3rd has been 2 months.rnThanks in advance doctor

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Women who have just finished giving birth, will enter the puerperium. Puerperal blood or lochia is similar to menstruation, but with a higher amount of blood. Puerperal bleeding is the body's way of getting rid of the uterine lining and blood after delivery. Generally, the puerperium lasts up to six weeks after delivery.

During this time, the postpartum blood will change from day to day, for example, the blood is bright red or brownish, pink, yellowish, or clear.

The blood that comes out again can be menstrual blood. The occurrence of menstruation again after giving birth or the puerperium, will be different for each woman. Usually women who give exclusive breastfeeding, can take longer to experience menstruation again.

If the blood that comes out is odorless, does not cause abdominal pain, does not have a fever, and the amount of bleeding is not excessive, then the condition may still be within normal limits.

Try to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Consumption of nutritious foods regularly Drink plenty of water Have adequate rest time Avoid stress Don't smoke To find out more about your health condition, you can check with your doctor. So that a physical examination and supporting tests such as ultrasound can be carried out. The doctor will provide appropriate treatment according to the results of the examination, and provide information about the health condition of your body after giving birth.

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