Bleeding At 2 Months Of Gestation?

Illustration of Bleeding At 2 Months Of Gestation?
Illustration: Bleeding At 2 Months Of Gestation?

I am more than 2 months pregnant r nMy pregnancy has conceded r nBecause I am currently completing my studies r nMy husband and I decided to abort it r nI know this is heavy but this is one way r nI am taking medication r nAnd what I feel is mules, nausea, chills, and dizziness r nAfter that the blood clots come out r nBut there is no discharge of the fetus and the blood is not so intense. r n Yes or where r nPlease advise what action should I take?

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Hello Dayana sisters,

The act of aborting the womb without the supervision of a doctor can harm the pregnant mother, such as uterine infection, pelvic inflammation, severe bleeding causing blood deficiency. Also the act of illegal abortion is a violation of the law as in: Article 194 of the Health Law, can be imprisoned for up to 10 years and a fine of up to Rp. 1 billion.

Bleeding during pregnancy can be caused by a miscarriage, especially if the mother takes a drug that aims to abort it, bleeding due to lacerations of the birth canal, bleeding due to ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb) which is interrupted or aborted. Bleeding after consuming uterine laxative drugs does not mean that the fetus is not there without further tests such as ultrasound examination, of course it cannot be predicted without examination.

Have your condition checked by a gynecologist, the doctor will perform a direct examination, recommend blood tests and ultrasound to check the presence of the fetus.

If you and your partner do not want to get pregnant, you should do contraception, from hormonal tablets or injections or implants to the use of a spiral or condom.

Be aware that if the bleeding does not stop, pelvic or lower abdominal pain, fever and pallor, dizziness, and cold bodies indicate a life-threatening lack of blood. may be useful

click the article: Legal risks of abortion. Impact of abortion. Bleeding during pregnancy

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