Bleeding At 7 Weeks Pregnant, What Is A Miscarriage?

Illustration of Bleeding At 7 Weeks Pregnant, What Is A Miscarriage?
Illustration: Bleeding At 7 Weeks Pregnant, What Is A Miscarriage?

Here I miscarried on week 7 … I had a clot of blood up to 4 times … I miscarried because I ate drugs. But today is still positive on the 5th day and I have checked the doc there is still 1.8cm left. I don’t want to wash there are other drugs to my son. clean. i’m from malaysia

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Miscarriage is the discharge of a fetus in the womb before 20 weeks of gestation. Miscarriage can be triggered by several things such as:

the mother's age is too young or too old
the health of the mother's uterus
mother's physical health
the influence of certain infections
consumption of certain drugs
excessive activity
trauma / impact

The signs of a possible miscarriage include the following symptoms:

lower abdominal pain
stomach cramps
blood spots
discharge of a lump or tissue from the vagina

The presence of bleeding does not necessarily mean a miscarriage, it could be because there is a problem with the placenta but the fetus is in good condition, therefore it must be confirmed by an obstetrician whether a miscarriage has occurred or not. Usually, the results of the examination will explain the therapy or treatment that should be taken in accordance with the results of the examination. If you have seen a doctor and a miscarriage occurs, usually if the condition can be treated with medication, then you will be prescribed medication. But if not then curettage is necessary. If the curettage is not performed, the remaining tissue can be a problem in the next condition or pregnancy, such as: it is difficult for the next pregnancy to occur or it can trigger endometriosis or even trigger cancer cells. Therefore, for treatment, you should follow the recommendations of the doctor who examined you because it is the one who really knows your condition based on the results of the examination, if you object to the curettage, further communicate whether your condition can be with medication alone or it is necessary to take curettage.

Here is an article that you can read about miscarriage, bleeding is not necessarily a miscarriage

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