Bleeding At Menopause.?

Illustration of Bleeding At Menopause.?
Illustration: Bleeding At Menopause.?

I want to ask, my mom is 50 years old, it’s been 2 years since she didn’t menstruate, but yesterday my mom working overseas often went up and down stairs, suddenly blood came out like mens but her blood was clotted with lumps, it’s been a week before it stopped, why? yes, is it because my mom wants to stop mens / it’s mens because of tiredness?

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Hello Mr. Rayyan Wijaya, thank you for consulting us on

According to medical explanation, menopause is a period where menstruation has stopped where this is experienced by women who have entered the age of 45 to 50 years. If at that time there is bleeding back very clearly out of the birth canal / female reproductive path then it is included in the state of postmenopausal bleeding.

Postmenopausal bleeding can sometimes be considered normal, but it would be better if the patient and family continue to respond to it and conduct an early examination to find the underlying cause of the complaint. Some of the following are causes of postmenopausal bleeding:

vaginal atrophy: inflammation which is then followed by thinning of the lining tissue of the vaginal canal. This is very related to the decrease in estrogen levels. Endometrial atrophy: inflammation of the uterine lining and thinning which is also due to decreased levels of the hormone estrogen polyps in the uterus or cervical neck endometrial hyperplasia: thickening of the uterine lining that can be caused by obesity, hormone replacement therapy or due to unstable estrogen hormone levels endometrial cancer cervical cancer To ensure this, we strongly encourage you to bring your mother with you to consult directly with the doctor. Because it is very difficult to determine the cause without a direct examination which includes a medical interview, physical examination, additional examinations: laboratory, ultrasound, pap smear, biopsy, etc. If the inspection is carried out immediately, proper handling can be given as early as possible. Thus we can convey, hopefully our explanation can help you and your mother. thanks.

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