Bleeding Cough

Illustration of Bleeding Cough
Illustration: Bleeding Cough

doc want to ask .. I rarely exercise because there really isn’t time, well yesterday I had time to exercise in the morning, then I also jogged 50 meters already tired, shortness of breath and coughing bloody, before I was healthy fit or not sick what, suddenly just right when I cough up blood so why is it doc?

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Hello Elisabeth, thank you for asking

Bloody cough is a cough with phlegm that contains blood in it. The presence of blood, indicating that there is a disease in the respiratory tract. This blood can come from the throat, nose, windpipe, and lungs. The blood that comes out can be in the form of patches mixed with phlegm, comes out in more volume, and can also be bubbly because it is mixed with air. Blood that comes out sometimes depends on the severity of the disease itself. The following conditions can cause symptoms of bloody cough:

Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis (TB) or often also known as TB is a lung infection disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Symptoms that appear are chronic coughing for more than 3 weeks, phlegm, and often bleeding. In addition there is fever, weakness, weight loss, night sweats and sometimes accompanied by chest pain.

Bronchiectasis. Bronchiectasis occurs due to damage and permanent widening of the bronchi and respiratory tract. As a result, lung function becomes not optimal so that makes mucus accumulate in the lungs. This situation causes symptoms of continuous coughing and shortness of breath, sometimes also causing bloody cough.
Injury in the airway. Wounds in the airways can occur if the cough is too hard and often even though there was no underlying disease

From the symptoms that you feel, it could be due to small injuries when you cough due to unusual exercise. So what must be done is to rest, drink water, and try not to cough hard because it can make a wound in the respiratory tract. But it needs to be further ascertained by checking yourself to the doctor, whether there is an underlying disease or not, which you may not be aware of is there. If the cough does not continue, postpone seeing a doctor during the corona virus pandemic. If the coughing blood gets worse, the more blood, so you feel weak, and accompanied by a fever, then immediately to the emergency room to get the right treatment.

I hope this helps


dr. Sussy

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