Bleeding During Defecation?

Illustration of Bleeding During Defecation?
Illustration: Bleeding During Defecation? Bing

why lately I often chapter fresh red blood comes out a lot??? How to solve it

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Dear Pricillia,

Defecation with blood can be caused by:

hemorrhoids anal polyps colon polyps sores in the anus dysentery Crohn's disease ulcerative colitis colon cancer
You can consult a surgeon who will analyze your symptoms and perform an in-person physical examination. A digital rectal examination can be done by a doctor if the examination leads to hemorrhoids. Supporting tests such as blood tests, stool tests, ultrasound can be recommended by the doctor. The right therapy will be given by the doctor.

Suggestions you can do:

drink more water, consume more fiber contained in vegetables and fruit, manage stress as well as possible, avoid the habit of holding back defecation, avoid straining during bowel movements, diligently exercising regularly
Discussion you can read:

bloody CHAPTER

May be useful,

dr. Ron

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