Bleeding During Sex?

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.rnI want to ask. . whyrnevery time I have sex with my husbandrthe blood spots that come out are not too much and don’t hurt at all but the blood only comes out when having sex. After that it doesn’t come out anymore. my husband and I rarely get together because I am his second wife.rnBut every time we get together. We have sex more than once in a night. Please answer. Am I sick until now I don’t feel pain or pain in the abdomen or vagina. .

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Hi Ina Sari

Bleeding from the vagina during intercourse is a fairly common complaint, most of which are normal and are caused by:

Blisters on the vaginal walls are caused by a lack of natural lubricating fluids. When aroused, the vagina can secrete a natural lubricant, thereby reducing penile friction. Usually accompanied by symptoms of pain.
Menstrual blood. Menstrual cycles can become irregular due to a temporary hormonal imbalance resulting in bleeding outside the menstrual cycle. Bleeding occurs for several days and is not accompanied by any symptoms such as pain.

While the causes that are not normal include:

Vaginal infection, accompanied by symptoms of vaginal discharge, pain when urinating, and pain during intercourse
Wounds on the vagina due to intercourse
Cervical polyps
Cervical cancer.

To find the cause, it is necessary to have an examination by a doctor with more complete information about the symptoms and a direct examination of the vagina. The treatment given depends on the cause.

You can read related information in the following articles:

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Hope it helps. Thank you

dr yan william

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