Bleeding For 1 Day?

Illustration of Bleeding For 1 Day?
Illustration: Bleeding For 1 Day?

Ass, I want to ask if I was 1 month pregnant … yesterday I did not take the abortion medicine, 4 hours after I took the pndarahn and came out the lumps like chicken liver … the stomach didn’t have any symptoms until now it’s been 10 days … Continuous vaginal discharge and limp nausea, how about this, if the abortion failed

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From the information you have conveyed, there is a history of pregnancy and also a history of professional abortion, so if you have experienced a miscarriage, bleeding, and currently you feel uncomfortable complaints in the form of complaints of nausea and vaginal discharge, it may be caused by your condition in your recovery period.

Like the discussion you have had with doctor Nadia, that this condition is probably a miscarriage, but it is necessary to confirm your current condition directly by the obstetrician, because it is necessary to do a direct examination of you, and your uterus. Your doctor can plan an ultrasound examination to determine your current condition.

With a direct examination by a gynecologist, it can be seen whether this miscarriage is complete, incomplete, or a miscarriage with a risk of complications such as infection.

Without a direct examination by a doctor, you will not be able to find out the cause of your vaginal discharge, and you will not be able to know the condition of your uterus after a previous miscarriage.

That is the information we can convey.

dr. Ulfi

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