Bleeding For 5 Days In A Row?

Illustration of Bleeding For 5 Days In A Row?
Illustration: Bleeding For 5 Days In A Row? Bing

,,rnI am a 21-year-old woman, I had sex 7 days after finishing my period.. and 1 day after my hb came out of my miss v… I thought it was normal but 5 days in a row the blood kept coming out..r What do you think is the cause?rnPlease enlighten me

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Hi Raty, thanks for your question

In medical terms, bleeding outside the menstrual cycle is called metrorrhagia. This condition is one of the types of irregular or irregular menstruation. You need to know, although every woman has a different menstrual cycle, the average menstrual cycle repeats every 21-35 days with a duration of 3-5 days.

Here are some causes of metrorrhagia:

Hormonal imbalances, especially experienced during puberty or before menopause, are also associated with psychological stress factors, fatigue, or drastic weight changes. Vaginal erosion, which is an injury to the female area usually due to friction during sexual intercourse. located outside the uterus, pelvic inflammation, especially related to sexually transmitted infections, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer. If this condition does not stop within 2-3 days and has occurred repeatedly, it would be best if you consult a gynecologist. The doctor will perform a vaginal examination with a speculum, followed by an ultrasound examination of the female reproductive organs. If necessary, the doctor can recommend a Pap smear and blood tests. After the underlying cause is known with certainty, then the doctor will determine the appropriate treatment steps.

While waiting for the doctor's treatment, you should:

stay calm and relax avoid excessive stress, get enough rest, limit strenuous physical activity that tends to trigger excessive fatigue, try to keep your weight within the ideal range while bleeding is still ongoing, avoid sexual intercourse

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