Bleeding From The Caesarean Section?

Illustration of Bleeding From The Caesarean Section?
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Good afternoon. I want to ask that I was in surgery on February 23 after that because I didn’t know the impact of sexual intercourse after the operation, I had sex after 3 weeks after the operation and 2 days later my surgical wound looked swollen and when I held it it felt watery and open then my husband took the water out by piercing it with a syringe and then removing the water. A few days later, the surgical scars felt like they were fused together and no longer separated.rnThen now it’s been more than 5 weeks my husband and I have had sex again and my surgical wound looks watery, separated, and has pus inside.rnBecause I’m from a child. I have been taking care of it for 4 days until now, also washing clothes and cooking which makes a lot of friction in the wound. Now it hurts and the scar is bleeding and pus and feels separated how do I deal with it?rnSorry for my long question

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Hi Claudia,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clear beforehand, what kind of surgery do you mean? What is cesarean section?

Women who have just had a cesarean section are advised to limit sexual intercourse in the first 1 to 3 months after surgery. This is because, wounds from cesarean section generally have a long recovery time, due to the incision being made deep enough not only in the skin, but must reach the uterus. As a result, excessive pressure and contraction of the abdominal muscles, one of which during sexual intercourse, can make the surgical wound take longer to heal. This condition is similar to what happens when you lift too much heavy objects, bend over often, cough or vomit frequently, and also do other strenuous work.

A surgical wound that looks watery, does not coalesce, and contains pus may indicate that your surgical site has an infection. This infection is facilitated by the condition of the wound that has not closed. Poor body hygiene, decreased immune system, poor nutritional intake, and inadequate skin care also increase the risk of this infection.

Infections in the caesarean section scar should be checked IMMEDIATELY to the doctor. Because, in addition to inhibiting the process of wound union, this infection has the potential to expand and spread, including the abdominal cavity, and other organs that are far away. This of course can be very dangerous for your health. And indirectly, this will also have an impact on the babies you care for, for example because it affects milk production. With direct doctor's treatment, the doctor can evaluate your surgical scars and determine the best management, for example by opening the teak, draining pus, administering medication, then re-stitching. Alternatively, the doctor may conduct a follow-up evaluation, namely through an ultrasound examination or taking tissue samples from the surgical site for examination in the laboratory.

In the meantime, you should first do the following tips:

Always keep your surgical area clean
Avoid the former operation from humid conditions let alone wet
Clean the fluid and pus that comes out using sterile gauze moistened with intravenous fluids (NaCl), do it while pressing gently, do not rub or squeeze excessively
Wear loose and clean clothes
Reduce activities that are too strenuous
Continue to breastfeed your baby
Eat healthy and nutritious food and drink enough
Limit sexual intercourse first
Avoid taking drugs carelessly or applying anything to scars, unless advised by a doctor

Post-cesarean recovery

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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