Bleeding From The Vagina For Only One Day?

Illustration of Bleeding From The Vagina For Only One Day?
Illustration: Bleeding From The Vagina For Only One Day?

Hello. I’m Regina, 21 years old. I have complaints of frequent pain in the uterus, I’m sorry d the mouth of the genitals also like pain and when urinating it hurts. Leucorrhoea is also not normal from the color sometimes white to greenish brown, the texture is like lard. When I feel my back often aches to sleeping position, nothing is too good. Besides the lower abdomen is always numb. If my period I experience extreme pain to the cold sweat and vomiting, but that is counted every 2 months. Sometimes also can not menstruate some months. And the schedule does not come regularly. Some days ago I also had to bleed just one day, accompanied by illness. Of the several symptoms above is this normal? Thank you, the doctor’s answer will really help me.

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Hello Regina, Thank you for the question.

Have you consulted with further doctors? A doctor's examination is needed to determine the cause of your symptoms. Without a doctor's examination, it is impossible to ascertain what causes the symptoms.

Your symptoms are not normal. Normal vaginal discharge has clear, slightly whitish, odorless, does not cause itching, does not cause pain in the genital area. Leucorrhoea that changes color to greenish brown accompanied by changes in the consistency of leucorrhoea (such as lust) and pain in the genital area is abnormal vaginal discharge. Some causes of vaginal discharge that are not normal are:

sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, pelvic inflammation, cervical cancer On the other hand, causes of menstrual disorders that you experience, for example:

pelvic inflammatory myoma endometriosis polycystic ovary syndrome You should immediately consult an obstetrician and further obstetricians. Doctors need to ask about your complaints and do checks on you such as cervical examination, pelvic examination, vaginal discharge examination, ultrasound. From this examination, the doctor will determine the cause and determine the next treatment for you. You should not delay consulting with your doctor.
It is also recommended that you follow the following recommendations:

avoid intercourse avoid using tight pants use underwear that is easy to absorb sweat avoid using feminine cleansing soap regularly do warm compresses on a sick stomach or consume paracetamol if your stomach hurts avoid the habit of holding back urinating multiply white water consumption Hope it helps.

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