Bleeding Gums When Vomiting?

Illustration of Bleeding Gums When Vomiting?
Illustration: Bleeding Gums When Vomiting?

Assalammualaikum dokI I am 26 years old. I am currently coughing up phlegm until vomiting. But why do I vomit 2 days, definitely gums (More precisely in the former molars that have been completely depleted) bleed right? And the blood that comes out is also not small. After gargling using salt water the blood stops, and even then the blood appears again when vomiting again.

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Hi Ria

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Sputum cough is most often caused by allergies, irritations, or respiratory infections. It could also, cough with phlegm occurs due to reflux (backflow) of stomach acid into the throat. A cough with phlegm that is severe enough can indeed cause vomiting. However, this condition alone should not be related to bleeding teeth as you are worried.

Tooth decay is easier to bleed, whether you are coughing or vomiting or not. This condition occurs because of the opening of the pulp (tooth root), which contains many blood vessels in it. It could also, this bleeding comes from pulp polyps, gum inflammation, dental infections, or many other possibilities.

If it is true that bleeding is very much, you should not let it. It is feared, this condition reflects more serious conditions, such as bleeding disorders, such as due to hemophilia, leukemia, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, and so on. Immediately check yourself at the nearest dentist to evaluate the cause, as well as given the right treatment.

In the meantime, the initial steps you take are correct. Gargle with salt and improve your teeth and mouth hygiene so that complaints no longer repeat. You can also make cotton rolls, then bite on the side of the bleeding tooth to press so that the bleeding stops. Don't chew food that is too hard, too sticky, and too hot on the side of the tooth that often bleeds. Finally, do not smoke, and do not carelessly take medicine. Also overcome your cough by not talking too much, avoid eating foods that are too cold, deprived, and greasy.

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