Bleeding In Menstruation That Is Not Normal?

Illustration of Bleeding In Menstruation That Is Not Normal?
Illustration: Bleeding In Menstruation That Is Not Normal?

Hay … I started on the 20th and until now it hasn’t finished … but the color is dark brown doo approaching black from the first day to today … and only a few, and thick … why …

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Hypomenorrhoea is an abnormal menstrual bleeding where the volume of blood produced is only small and lasts for a short time.

This condition can be caused by:
1. Psychic stress, drastic weight loss or gain, smoking, or excessive exercise. This can cause hormonal imbalance, causing menstrual disorders.
2. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which is a small multiple cyst in the ovary. Because the ovulation process will be disrupted in this condition causing menstrual disorders or even not menstruating at all for several months. Other accompanying complaints include excessive hair growth in the body, the appearance of acne, and fertility disorders in married women.
3. Asherman's syndrome, which is the formation of scar tissue in the uterine wall, causing menstrual disorders. Other accompanying symptoms such as cramps and abdominal pain, and infertility.
4. Long-term use of birth control pills can cause ovulation and the uterine lining to thin so that menstruation is very small.
5. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, liver, kidney or thyroid disease.
6. Structural abnormalities in the female reproductive organs, such as polyps, myoma, or adenomyosis.
7. The formation of skar in the uterus due to certain diseases or surgery.

Menstrual disorders need to be evaluated by an obstetrician to determine the cause. In order to establish the cause, detailed information about symptoms and disease history, general physical examination and the reproductive system, and additional examinations such as ultrasonography (USG), hysterosalphingography (HSG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or hysteroscopy. Optimal treatment can only be started if the underlying cause of this complaint is known so that menstruation is expected to be smooth. Therefore, do further consultation with a doctor to be examined.

If you are currently overweight, try to lose weight because in some cases it can trigger menstruation to become smoother. Reduce excessive stressors and exercise regularly is also expected to facilitate menstruation.

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