Bleeding In Pregnancy 4-5 Weeks.?

Illustration of Bleeding In Pregnancy 4-5 Weeks.?
Illustration: Bleeding In Pregnancy 4-5 Weeks.?

Good morning, I want to ask about my pregnancy. Yesterday I had regular bleeding, but during the 4 hour trip the bleeding started to be overwhelming and my stomach felt aching. I last menstruated on February 27, and several pregnancy tests using the test results were all positive. Then during the bleeding I went to the obstetrician but was represented by his assistant because I was on Sunday. When my stomach was there it was ultrasound and there was a blood clot in the uterus. He said this could be clogged menstrual blood for a few weeks … but to make sure again I had to check blood in the lab to make sure I was pregnant or not because I was worried about the lack of confidence. Finally on that same day I checked the lab and the results of the lab check were positive, I got pregnant … but the bleeding still continued, and the obstetrician gave me an umbilical booster. But is it true that in my womb there is a fetus? Because it is not detected due to blood clots. Thanks for the instructions 🙂

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Hello Laelatulqodar,

A positive testpack result is a sign of a possible pregnancy. To better ensure pregnancy, doctors can do an ultrasound and blood tests to determine pregnancy hormone levels. A definite sign of pregnancy is the discovery of a gestational sac, fetal movements, and fetal heart rate. But indeed at a very early gestational age often not found the existence of a fetus, usually only found thickening of the uterus only. Therefore, the doctor will generally advise pregnant women to control again within 2-4 weeks after the first ultrasound to see the development of the pregnancy whether it looks fetus or not.

If the testpack and blood test results are positive, there is a possibility that you are pregnant, but to ensure that you still need a repeat ultrasound 2-4 weeks after that. Bleeding that occurs during pregnancy must be considered as a threat to miscarriage. Apart from miscarriages, bleeding during pregnancy can also be caused due to wine pregnancy, pregnancy outside the uterus, blighted ovum, hormonal disorders, blood clotting disorders, fatigue, and infections of the vagina and uterus.

If the doctor gives an obstetric booster, you should consume the booster according to the doctor's recommendation. In addition, you should rest and bed rest if necessary, avoid walking long distances, avoid lifting heavy objects, and manage stress well.

If bleeding continues to occur, or you feel more severe abdominal pain and then a blood clot comes out or is like laxative tissue, you should immediately consult a gynecologist again or to the nearest emergency room so that you can re-examine to determine your condition. Further treatment will be given based on the results of your inspection. If the bleeding then stops, you should stay in control with the obstetrician according to the schedule given yes.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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