Bleeding In The Nose?

Illustration of Bleeding In The Nose?
Illustration: Bleeding In The Nose?

Sorry to interrupt the time, I want to ask … I have a friend to take the leech therapy, then to get the blood out, my friend was stabbed using a cupping needle in the nose area that wanted to be treated … the blood therapy didn’t stop, and it’s been more than 3 hours of blood continues to come out … what’s the solution?

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Doing medical leech therapy has no proven benefits, and leech therapy has not been proven to be safe either. so it is not recommended to do leech therapy. From the situation your friend is experiencing, if the tip of the nose is pierced with a needle and the blood does not stop for 3 hours then it is probably because the puncture is hit in the artery.

Punctured arteries can cause heavy bleeding that doesn't stop easily. in addition, arterial bleeding tends to be heavier making it more difficult to stop. bleeding that occurs continuously for 3 hours can cause the body to experience a lack of fluids and can cause a decrease in consciousness. This is very dangerous. In addition, piercing the nose area can cause infection.

Therefore, it is recommended that you check with your friend immediately to the doctor, so that the doctor can check the condition of your friend directly. and it may be necessary later to give certain drugs to help stop the bleeding.

For the time being, use sterile gauze to press the wound. press continuously for at least 30 minutes while waiting to go to the doctor. do not give other drugs carelessly in the nasal area.

Here's an article you can read about shock due to bleeding

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